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Congratulations to Josh Waterston on becoming a Certified Information Privacy Professional (U.S.)

Updated: 4 days ago

Wilftek is pleased to announce that Josh Waterston is now a Certified Information Privacy Professional (U.S.), a certification provided by the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Wilftek regularly advises clients on privacy matters. Josh Waterston has drafted privacy policies and privacy statements, and have advised clients on biometric privacy requirements, texting and telemarketing requirements, and more. He works client agreements where the parties have to protect personal data, including sensitive personal data (including PHI). He has also written and spoken about how intellectual property and artificial intelligence developments will affect our clients.

At Wilftek, we help our clients create new businesses, move forward with business opportunities, and work with new business partners. 2024 looks to be an exciting year in privacy, IP, and AI as more states have passed privacy laws and are considering AI laws and regulations. Federal and state governments are focused on protecting citizens from any potential negative effects of AI, even as AI models become more powerful and are embedded into tools we use every day. With AI models scooping up large volumes of data and intellectual property, something will have to give.

The CIPP/US certification is a globally recognized certification which confirms that an individual is familiar with the latest developments in privacy law and best practices. We look forward to sharing this knowledge with our clients. Have a Happy New Year!


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