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Wilftek Attorney Quoted in World Trademark Review Article About AI Disclosure Bill

Updated: May 17

image of circuit board with chip controlled by AI

Wilftek attorney Lewis Sorokin is quoted in a World Trademark Review article about a new AI disclosure bill proposed in Congress. The bill would require artificial intelligence developers to disclose which materials the technology was trained on. The article is behind a paywall, but limited free subscriptions are available.

"However, for some, the US act – as currently envisioned – does not go far enough to protect IP rights. 'I have mixed feelings,' says Lewis Sorokin, an associate attorney at Wilftek, who specialises in IP and technology law. 'For artists to receive their fair share, AI companies should license the works used in training their models,' he argues. 'While a federally mandated disclosure system like this would be a step in the right direction for artists and other rights holders... credit is not the same as compensation.'"

World Trademark Review article by Louise Newstead: "Generative AI developers would have to disclose use of copyright material under proposed US Act", April 11, 2024.


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